How the Land Trust creates Affordable Housing from Vernon Land Trust on Vimeo.

The Vernon and District Community Land Trust, a local non-profit organization, is actively providing affordable housing in our communities and is working to ensure even more options in the future.

The Land Trust has identified working families on a low to moderate income as the ‘forgotten population’ and is developing housing for these households. We are also open to developing projects for other target populations as opportunities arise.

Our Vision:

A permanent supply of affordable housing to meet the needs of the North Okanagan.

Mission Statement:

To increase the supply of affordable housing for individuals and families with low to moderate income.


The Land Trust has identified minimum wage and entry level working individuals and families as the “forgotten population”. As property values have increased dramatically in the North Okanagan, rental and purchased properties have become few and unattainable for many of the employees that service our community. The Land Trust is focused on developing a permanent inventory of housing for this important group of citizens. They are also open to developing and managing affordable rental housing for seniors.


The Land Trust solicits and manages public and private donations of land and other assets for the purpose of purchasing and managing land for housing.

Organizational Structure:

A non-profit society governed by a Board of Directors consisting of business representatives from the Vernon & District Communities, including members of the Legal, Financial, Accounting, Real Estate, law enforcement & business consulting segments.

As a charitable non-profit society, we are governed by a Board of Directors who serve voluntarily.  Directors are elected yearly by the Active Members at the Annual General Meeting of the Land Trust. New Directors are recruited through a comprehensive process based on the skills required for the Board. All Directors serve on a volunteer basis.

The Land Trust works with a variety of other non-profits, governments, businesses and developers to make affordable housing a reality.  Click to see our list of Partners.